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10 Ways to Cure Your Wanderlust From Home

AKA: A Traveler’s Guide to Quarantine

If you’re someone who constantly finds themselves on the go and traveling from one place to the next, this quarantine may be a challenge for you. Many of us have had to postpone or cancel trips that we had dreamed about for years. It’s hard to fill the void of travel when you’re home with uncertainty about when it will be safe to travel again. I’ve found a few ways to help satisfy my wanderlust from the comfort of my home. Check them out below!

1. Create a Travel Scrapbook!

Remember that amazing, once in a lifetime trip you took a while back? Yeah, that one. Why not commemorate it by creating a scrapbook full of memories! You can easily upload pictures to a site like Shutterfly and voila, a customized scrapbook will be at your door in weeks. Or, you can go the old school route and order paper supplies from Amazon, get the glue stick out, and craft away. Either way, reminiscing on old travel will have your heart full.

2. Theme Dinner Nights

Since date nights are out of the question, why not make a date night at home every Friday with different cuisine around the world! Have fun with it and really get into the theme. You can make the food at home or order takeout! Either way, this weekly treat will be something to look forward to and allow you to try new foods.

3. Visit the World Virtually!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always dreamed about seeing every 7 World Wonders. Well, I can now do that from my couch! Virtually explore so many different museums, venues, landmarks, and more. I’ve posted a few here but google is also your friend here. Pick a new place to explore each day or each week.

4. Watch Travel Related Shows and Documentaries

Where are all of my Amazing Race fans?! This show does such a great job of taking you all around the world each season. Other options are:

  • Eat, Pray, Love

  • Wild

  • Lost in Translation

  • Into The Wild

  • Midnight in Paris

  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

5. Create a Travel Safety Kit

It's never too early to start preparing for your next trip. Eventually, we will be able to travel the world freely. Until then, prepare by making a Travel Safety Kit. I've posted instructions here, but it can be customized however you like! This is a great tool to have on any vacation.

6. Learn A New Language

Hola! Me llamo Lisa! Prepare for your next trip abroad by going the extra mile – learn their native language! Even if you aren’t 100% fluent, you can pick up on key words that can really assist you while traveling. There are tons of free sites, videos, and companies out there. Or, if you’re really dedicated, check out Rosetta Stone!

7. Make Travel Related Art

Use your time to let your inner artist shine. Make a shadow box to store all your travel knickknacks, or make coasters with maps. Search “travel DIY crafts” in Pinterest and the opportunities are endless. You’re welcome!

8. Read a Travel Book

Immerse yourself into a great fictional story about living somewhere you've always dreamed out. Or read a nonfiction story about the history of your favorite destination.

9. Start a Travel Journal

Start a journal that you can add to over the years of all your favorite travel memories. Or fill it with dreams about travel that you want to check off your bucket list.

10. Plan your “TBD” Trip

It’s not safe to travel now. But one day, it will be. Start brainstorming your next trip and researching options. It's never too early. Once the travel bans are lifted, you'll be ready to take flight to your next dream vacation.

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