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20 Signs You're Addicted To Travel

Updated: May 27

Being addicted to travel is my favorite quality. I love exploring new places and experiencing new things every year.

  1. You have at least 3 trips scheduled at any given time.

  2. You spend your weekends on road trips or exploring your local city.

  3. You don't mind living out of a suitcase.

  4. You ask for a plane ticket or money to travel for your birthday/holiday.

  5. Hotels are the perfect home away from home.

  6. You plan your next trip while you're on your current trip (SO GUILTY OF THIS)

  7. You have multiple currencies in your wallet.

  8. When you don't have a trip scheduled, you have anxiety.

  9. Your suitcase is never out of reach.

  10. Instagram is basically your scrapbook and travel diary.

  11. You have a never ending bucket list.

  12. Most of your stories begin with "when I was in ..."

  13. You have a list of must-have travel accessories that you always have on hand and ready to pack.

  14. Your phone/computer background is a picture from your last trip.

  15. Getting on a plane is like second nature to you.

  16. Your passport is overflowing with stamps.

  17. You're a pro at getting through TSA Pre-Check quickly.

  18. Researching for your next trip is a hobby you thoroughly enjoy.

  19. You enjoy navigating a new city & don't mind getting lost every once in a while.

  20. Talking about travel brings the biggest smile to your face. :)

How many can you check off out of 20? If you're 20/20... you definitely addicted to travel!

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