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5 Side Hustles to Make Money

I love making money just as much as I love spending money! below are my favorite ways to make money on the side and get me out of the house in new experiences!

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1. Mystery Shopping

This is my favorite way to earn money on the side (and get free meals and activities at the same time!!).  Being a secret shopper is so fun and you get to check out so many awesome places! Most Mystery Shopping companies will give you guidelines on what to look for and what to order/buy. They'll reimburse you for what you buy and pay you for secret shopping! In the past, I've shopped Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, AMC Theatres, Carowinds Amusement Park, and so much more! I listed my favorite companies below:

  • Customer Impact

  • Market Viewpoint

  • Reality Based Group

  • A Closer Look

WWL TIP: Create a new email for Mystery Shop and sign up for many different companies to find a variety of opportunities. Make sure your Paypal is linked correctly as most companies pay though Paypal.

2. Brand Ambassador for the day

Being a Brand Ambassador can be such a fun job - I've worked for so many companies for a few hours passing out free samples or helping with brand awareness in return for some mula! The best way to find out about Brand Ambassador Opportunites in your area is to join a facebook group - ie Charlotte Brand Ambassadors. People will post listings for dates and times that it is needed!

3. Sell Old Clothes on Poshmark

Who else has a closet overflowing with clothes they don't wear anymore?! Why not make space for NEW clothes and get rid of the old. I love Poshmark for just that reason - they make selling your clothes so easy! Create an account an upload your pictures with size, brand, and pricing. Once the item is bought, Poshmark will send you a label and you just package it up and put it in the mail! So easy!

WWL TIP: Take good pictures and share your listings often - the more you share, the more people see your items!

4. Shopkick!

Do you ever have the urge to get out the of house but have no money to spend? Go on a scavenger hunt and make money instead! Shopkick is an app that you can use on your phone to scan items in grocery stores and malls. It's so easy to use and adds up quick! Once you get enough "kicks" or points, you can redeem them for giftcards at Target, Amazon, Walmart, or more!

5. Babysit & Petsit

There is so much money to be made in babysitting and petsitting! No taxes! No formal dresscode! Sign me up! Use companies like Care.com or Wag App to find people near you to assist!

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