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Disney's Animal Kingdom: One Day Guide

Updated: Jun 27

Feel immersed into a jungle of animals, entertainment, and culture as you experience the best of Asia, Africa, Pandora, and Dino-Land!

Animal Kingdom's Tree of Life

Before Your Trip:

- Be sure to download the My Disney Experience App on your mobile device. This will link your park ticket, credit card, fast passes, photopass, and your room key (if you're staying on Disney property). It syncs up to your Magic Band for easy access in the parks!

- Make your (3) FastPass+ Reservations. The top choices are Avatar Flight of Passage (Pandora), Na'vi River Journey (Pandora), and Expedition Everest.

  • If you're staying on Disney property: Make your (3) Fastpass+ reservations 60 Days in Advance!

  • If you're staying off Disney property: Make your (3) Fastpass+ reservations 30 Days in Advance!

- Check the park hours to find out if there are Magic Hours available - take advantage of those extra perks!!  

- Make your Dining Reservations in advance, especially for Yak & Yeti Restaurant.

- Review the Animal Kingdom Map before your visit.

Animal Kingdom Guide:

Get to the park an hour early (I know, I know… grab a coffee and endure the early morning vibes). They’ll open the gates early for guests to walk to Pandora's Avatar Flight of Passage. The line gets long QUICK so don’t dilly dally around or stop for pictures. There’s time for that later. This ride is unlike any other… a true masterpiece!

After Flight of Passage, you could try for Na'vi River Journey. It’s a relaxing little ride but not worth a long wait – the way the line is set up it is excruciatingly hot.

Next, I’d make my way to the Kilimanjaro Safari. This line isn’t too long anymore after Pandora opened so you should be able to enjoy the walk, stop for pictures, and check out some wild animals on the way! The Safari is one of my Top 10 Disney Attractions – every Safari ride is different and you never know what animals you’ll spot next! I almost always see giraffes, elephants, and rhinos! You’re lucky if you see lions, tigers, or bears (kidding… no bears here!).

After the thrilling Safari, make your way to Expedition Everest – one of Disney’s best rollercoasters! Again, this line isn’t too bad now that Pandora has opened but if it is, you always have the option to ride Single Rider! The Single Rider line is usually under 5 minutes, so if you really loved Everest, you can ride it again and again back to back! One day I rode it 25 times!


Quick Service: Yak & Yeti Outpost, Pizzafari

Full Service (Reservation Required): Yak & Yeti Restaurant (omg, so good – if you have a Laundrys membership, you get discounts)

After lunch, make your way back over to Africa to see the Festival of the Lion King! Be prepared to experience all the emotions in this broadway worthy production. You can sit back, relax, and cool off after lunch while you sing along with Simba and Timone! This is truly fun for all ages and a must see at Animal King.

Next, we’re going to make our way to Dino-Land. Be sure to stop at the front of the park along the way. Take pictures in front of the Tree of Life and cool off inside of the Tree of Life at It’s Tough to Be a Bug. It’s a cute little 3D show that is a great way to escape the heat in the middle of the day.

Now that you’ve digested lunch and relaxed, it’s time for the next ride! Make your way to Dinosaur – a thrilling jerky 4 wheel drive into the croatious period. Young kids may want to sit this one out, it can be a little scary for young ones! Two fun dino rides for the little ones are just around the corner though - Primeval Whirl or TriceraTop Spin!


Quick Service: Flame Tree Barbeque

Full Service (Reservation Required): Tusker House

To end your day, head over to the Rivers of Lights show. This show is new and only okay in my opinion. The water and lighting effects are neat but if you're feeling tired, I'd say you could skip this one!

On your way out of the park, take a moment to admire The Tree of Life one more time! Beginning at dusk, it comes to life with colorful animals. The Tree of Life Nighttime Awakening is new, and happens every 10 minutes from dusk to park closing.

Not featured – Kali River Rapids (water ride), Rafiki's Train Ride to petting zoo, UP - A Great Bird Adventure, Finding Nemo Musical

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