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Gift Guide for Female Travelers

Updated: May 27

Check out the PERFECT gift ideas for your favorite female traveler friends.

Gifts for Travelers to use While Traveling!

1. Trendy Luggage

If you want to splurge on your favorite traveler, check out this adorable and trendy Luggage set. It is super lightweight and has the look of luxury. You can add a monogram for $12 too.

2. Reusable Padded Wine Bag

One of my favorite "souvenirs" is local wine! Packing wine can be worrisome though because you definitely don't want it to break in your suitcase. I use these Reusable Padded Wine Bags.

3. Travel Steamer

It is likely that some clothes will be wrinkled after being folded up in a suitcase for hours. Pack a Travel Steamer that is easy to use on the go. This one weighs 1.2 pounds.

4. Personalized Cosmetic Bag

Everyone loves personalized gifts. This Embroidered Quilt Cosmetic Bag is a great choice for any traveler, but especially those that enjoy staying at hostels or going on group trips. You'll never have to worry about picking up the wrong makeup bag. For the larger size, click here.

5. Charging Bracelet

OMG - this is SUCH a fun an practical accessory. This trendy bracelet doubles as a charger for on the go. You can also add a monogram for $12 to personalize it.

6. Travel Jewelry Case

Jewelry is one of the most challenging things to travel with. It tends to get tangled or lost in bags. Prevent both by using this Travel Jewelry Case.

7. Travel Sleep Kit

Give your favorite traveler the gift of sleep. This Travel Pillow & Eye Mask set are perfect for traveling. You can use it on the plane and at your hotel. The silk pillowcase also helps keep hair healthy and prevents wrinkles!

8. Portable Clock

Okay, you're probably thinking this is unnecessary because it is just as easy to use your smartphone as a clock. You're correct. But, this Portable Clock is also a great use for a nightlight! You can also set this right next to your bed, which you might not be able to do with your phone if the outlet is further away.

9. Portable LED Mirror 1x and 10x

Hotels aren't known for having the best mirrors or the best lighting. Don't rely on the hotel - instead, bring your own! This Portable LED Mirror offers great lighting and a 10x zoom.

10. Portable Cocktail Kit

Be your own bartender on the go with this Portable Cocktail Kit. Just add alcohol, and boom, perfect cocktail ready to drink!

Gifts for Travelers to Have At Home!

Full Amazon guide for Travel Inspired Home Decor & Trinkets here!

1. Fernweh Candle

Fernweh is German for Wanderlust and these candles will certainly give you wanderlust. Themed for various parts of the world, these Fernweh Candles have scents that will immediately transport your senses back to your favorite destination.

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2. Portable Instant Picture Printer

This is a great gift for home or on the go. Personally, I don't see the need to immediately print pictures while traveling, so I tend to keep this at home for when I return. This Picture Printer is the perfect gift for those who love printing memories. It's the size of an iPhone which makes it great for those who do want those instant pictures on the road.

3. Scratch Off Map

This Scratch Off World Map lets travellers check (scratch) off all of their destinations! It is a fun way to see where you have been and is a statement piece in a home.

4. Mapiful Poster

Create a custom Mapiful Poster for your traveler. This can be their hometown, favorite destination, or their dream location.

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