My Favorite Stick-On Gel Nails (ManiMe Review)

"Nothing improves your mood more than a fresh manicure" ---- All that agree, say I!

There's something about a new manicure that makes you feel 100% put together - it's like dressing the part but for your nails. Before quarantine/covid19 shenanigans, I would get my nails done at a nail salon every 3 weeks like clock work. I switched between Gel & Dip Manicures and always stuck to basic colors. I knew my nails were damaged from the gel & dip, but I continued anyways until I couldn't anymore (thanks covid).

That's when I found ManiMe. ManiMe is a Customized Stick-On Gel Nail! I was super hesitant to try it because I figured a sticker couldn't last nearly as long as a 3 week professional manicure. Well, I was wrong. I'm now on my fourth set of ManiMe manicures and absolutely love them so much! Read more about my experience with ManiMe below.

What Is ManiMe?

ManiMe is "the first-ever custom-fit stick on gels developed with proprietary 3D technology". Yes, you read that right - your stick on gels will be custom 3D printed to match the exact shape of your nail. To begin, you'll create an account on their website. Then, it will instruct you to take pictures of your fingers in a few different angles (similar to matching your fingerprint to your phone). I was able to complete that within 5 minutes. Then, you can select any of their Gel Stick-Ons and order them straight to your door. ManiMe will custom print the Stick-Ons specifically for you which means they'll fit perfectly upon arrival!

NEW ManiMe's Care Collection: ManiMe has launched a "Care Collection" where 100% of the proceeds is donated to the Movement for Black Lives Fun and Professional Beauty Association's Covid-19 Relief Fund. They partnered with 11 top nail artists to design this collection. Shop their Care Collection HERE. Read more about their Care Collection below!

Use code WANDERLUSTXO for $5 off!

Why I Love ManiMe

I'll say that it really surprised me how much I fell in love with this product! Some of my favorite highlights are:

  • It's quick - no more 2 hour nail appointments in the salon

  • It's easy - after 1-2 times, you'll be a pro at putting these on

  • It's safe for your nails - say goodbye to damaged nails from gel & dip

  • It's cheaper - at only $15-$25 for a set, it's far cheaper than a salon manicure

  • It's customized - don't bother with drugstore stick on nails that are designed for the masses

  • It's artsy - I've experimented with different patterns and fun prints

  • It's high quality - I completely forget that i have "stickers" on my fingernails

  • It's USA made - I love supporting local businesses

How To Apply ManiMe?

When you receive your ManiMe kit in the mail, it will come with the following items:

  • 15 Stick-On Nails (5 extra just in case)

  • Nail Filer

  • Alcohol Wipe

  • Instructions

To apply the nails, you will first use the alcohol wipe to clean your nails. Make sure they are 100% dry before beginning. Then, you'll simply peel them off the paper and stick them directly to your nail. ManiMe purposely creates the stickers to be longer than the picture of your nail, so this is where the "skill" comes into play. They advise you to file down the excess material - I found this to be tricky because I have short nails so I had a lot of excess material. Instead, I opted to use a nail clipper to remove a bulk of the excess sticker, then file it down. Once I found this out, it was a piece of cake!

Note: they say you can apply your own ManiMe nails within 5 minutes... let me go ahead and tell you that there is a bit of a learning curve! My first set took about 30 minutes, and it wasn't perfect. I quickly learned though from trial and error and now, they take 5-10 minutes max and look professionally done!

NEW ManiMe Care Collection

This USA-based company is all about giving back, which I love! In June of 2020, ManiMe partnered with 11 of the top nail designers to create the "Care Collection". The best part about it - 100% of the proceeds goes towards the Movement for Black Lives Fun and Professional Beauty Association's Covid-19 Relief Fund. Two of my favorite designs from this collection are featured below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I get so many compliments on my ManiMe manicures. But I also get a lot of questions... hoping these will answer some for you!

How much do they cost?

$15 for solid colors, $25+ for designer patterns. Get $5 off your first order with code "WANDERLUSTXO".

Is it actually easy to put on?

Yes! There is a learning curve on the first 1-2 manis... after that, you'll feel like a pro. ManiMe features a lot of "how to" videos & tutorials on their website to help.

How long do they last?

10-14 days. I usually take it easy on the first day and don't do much with my hands (ie wash my hair, do laundry, etc). After the first day, I resume all normal activity and rarely have them come off on their own. But! If they do come off on their own, you have 5 extra stickers to replace them with!

How do you take them off?

Literally, you peel them right off like a sticker! It amazes me how easy it is! You don't need nail polish remover or anything!

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