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Carry On Bag Necessities

Updated: Apr 11

I can't imagine traveling without these items. They're all must haves and so beneficial for long flights, roadtrips, or weekend getaways! The items listed below are specifically my favorite things for a carry on bag.


1. Vera Bradley Tote

I am OBSESSED with this adorable oversized tote. You can fit absolutely everything you need in this bag and it works as a carry on! There are 6 pockets on the inside and 2 on the outside to truly keep you organized. This tote also zips so it is secure and you don't have to worry about pickpocketers.

2. Compression Socks by Dr. Segal - SockDoc.

This is a must for me on any flight over 4 hours. I have a mini fear of getting a blood clot so why not stay warm and comfortable while also protecting your legs from clots! My favorite are the PINK socks!

3. Face Wipes!

Nothing refreshes me more and brings me back to life than a cool face wipe. Planes can really dry out your skin so its important to refresh and revive with a healthy face wipe. My favorite brand is Burts Bees or Neutrogena.  I also bring deodorant wipes too.

4. Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Surge Protector and Charger

Power, power, and more power. This little guy will charge all of your devices with its 3 AV Outlets and 2 USB ports! I can't imagine going anywhere without it. Buy it here!

5. A reusable water bottle with a built in Filter

Buying bottled water in the airport can be sooo expensive... $8 to stay hydrated is straight robbery. Instead, bring your own water bottle with a filter so you can stay hydrated everywhere you go.

6. A pocket journal that inspires you

When you travel, you are making constant memories. Write. Them. Down. All of them! You'll be so thankful years later when you're looking back on the many destinations and experiences you've been through.

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