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Review: The Best Travel Cosmetic Bag

Review: Ellis James Makeup Bags

I have been on the hunt for a travel makeup/toiletry bag that can fit everything I need without being too bulky. I’ve tried countless of different styles and options but haven’t found one I loved until Ellis James Designs! Their bags are the perfect way to stay organized while traveling. I personally have two of them and love traveling with them! Their bags are made with great quality fabric and look very chic. See below for my reviews!

Black Large Cosmetic Organizer


This is the PERFECT size to fit all of your full size toiletries and make up. There are 10 (TEN!) brush pockets on the top that keep them from getting lost in the bag. I use the pockets for my lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara as well which is perfect! This bag fits my hair straightener, hair brush, electric tooth brush, full size deodorant, and more. I love that I can have everything in one place instead of searching my suitcase for my hair brush. The material is a quilted nylon and it is completely water resistant. They have this bag in three different colors (black, grey, and cream) but I prefer the black so it

doesn’t show make up stains.

See how I use the bag below - I can fit everything I need in this travel case. I love that it fits a full hair straightener, hair brush, and still has plenty of room for other necessities.

The Makeup Train Case


This is a great make up bag because it is adjustable to your products and your needs. The case comes with 4 Velcro dividers that you can adjust to your liking! I find this so convenient because it gives you options to customize the bag instead of forcing your items to fit in the pockets. It also has 12 brush pockets to help you stay organized. The material is a quilted Nylon that is water proof. This is one of their newer bags so it only comes in black for now.

Check out their website for all of the makeup travel bag options. It’s the perfect gift for friends/family and right now they’re having a 50% off sale.

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