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Top 5 Local Restaurants in Athens, Georgia

Updated: Jun 27

You've probably heard of Athens, Georgia because of the loyal UGA fans. There is so much more to this town than just a college though! Athens' food scene has really taken off and is the perfect combination of Southern Charm and Sophistication. Whatever you're craving, there is a good chance Athens can provide just that!

Below you'll find a list of restaurants that locals say you must try while in Athens! How many can you check off the list?

1. Cali in Titos

This Latin American restaurant will have you feeling like you've traveled into a different continent. Their food is so authentic and full of flavor that locals go back time and time again. Decor covers the walls and there seems to always be something fun taking place here.

There's two locations: South Lumpkin (with options to sit outside) and Cedar Shoals (much bigger location).

My (Sister's) Favorite: Beef Empanadas

2. The Pine

This Southern-styled restaurant is open for lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. It's located in Five Points. Menus change seasonally which means there is always something new to try!

Fun Fact: It's called the Pine and the bar beneath it is called The Root.

My Favorite: Salmon (third picture)

3. Donna Chang's

This Asian Cuisine restaurant serves up small plates and large plates that are perfect for the table to share. Try a mixture of classic Asian cuisine items and a few new things. Their food ranges from full of flavor to extra spicy (like the Kung Pow Shrimp). Be sure to save room for dessert - they have great sorbets and ice creams.

My Favorite Appetizer: Pork Wontons or Crab Rangun

My Favorite Large Plate: General Tsu's Chicken

4. Last Resort Grill

Many locals would argue that this is the absolute best restaurant in Athens. The wait for dinner each night and brunch on the weekends will further prove that it's a top favorite. It's in downtown Athens, and you can't miss it with the iconic mural on the side of the restaurant. Bonus Points: it's one of the few places in downtown Athens with their own parking lot.

This restaurant has a wide variety of southern-style seafood options. They're known for their seafood but still have a fair share of alternatives too.

My Favorite: Salmon and Grits

5. Mama's Boy

This is a staple of Athens' food scene. It's only open for Breakfast and lines start to form as soon as the doors open so get there early. Anytime a visitor comes into town, locals will always bring them to Mama's Boy for an authentic Athens experience. You may have had biscuits at other restaurants, but you will instantly fall in love with their fluffy and homemade biscuits.

They just opened their newer location so hopefully lines won't be as bad!

My Favorite: Peach French Toast

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