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Why I love At Home Teeth Whitening!

If you know me, you know I love to smile, laugh, and have a good time! Everyone wants to feel confident in their pearly white smile but it’s hard to be confident if you don’t have natural “pearly white smile”. Over the years I’ve let red wine gradually stain my teeth so they don’t have that white glow anymore. I’ve tried those pesky Crest White Strips that maybe made my teeth 1% whiter than they were before. I have even tried other brands but hadn’t found one that worked and made a noticeable difference. That’s why I was so excited when I heard about Smile Brilliant at home teeth whitening kit! It seemed like the real deal and after trying it out for the last three months, I can confidentially say that I LOVE IT.

Smile Brilliant makes the at home teeth whitening process so easy! They mail you a kit to create your own teeth impressions and include the packaging to ship it back to the lab. Within a few weeks, you have your very own customized teeth mold that fits perfectly to use for whitening. No more holding the crest white strip in place or worry about moving your lip and accidentally sliding it off your teeth. Check out my review below to learn more!

Step 1: Receive the Teeth Whitening Kit

When you receive your Teeth Whitening Kit you’ll have absolutely everything you’ll need for the whitening process. My favorite part was how detailed and accurately labeled everything was. It is almost fool proof! Below you’ll find a list of all the times I received in my kit in the order that I used them:

  • Dental Impression Instructions

  • 2 Plastic Dental Trays (to make the impressions)

  • 3 Containers of Catalyst Paste

  • 3 Containers of Base Paste

  • 1 Prepaid Envelope and Consent Card (to mail your impressions back)

  • Teeth Whitening Instructions

  • 3 Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes

  • 3 Desensitizing Gel Syringes

Step Two: Create Your Impressions

Now it is time to create you impressions!  This set of instructions intimated me a little bit since it was a bit time sensitive in regard to letting the paste dry out, but, they provide you with an extra set of paste just in case you mess up! The instructions are detailed and have pictures, so you really can’t mess up!

You’ll start by mixing the catalyst paste with the base paste until there are no streaks of colors and it is all cohesive. Then, you’ll quickly pack it into the dental trays and place into your mouth – I started with the bottom teeth. Press your teeth it, but avoid biting or chomping down. As the instructions say, you’ll need to keep this in your mouth for 3 minutes. I found this to be relatively easy until the last 30 seconds and then I started drooling a little over my sink! OOPS!

When it’s time to take out the tray, it’s important that you don’t wiggle it or pull it out in a way that could damage the impression. Then you’ll repeat this process once more and capture your top teeth.

Honestly – now the hard part is done! You can sit back, relax, and wait for those to fully dry (about 45 minutes). While you wait, you can sign off on the consent card and place it in the envelope to mail back to the lab. Then, place them in the envelope and ship them out!

Step Three: Receive Custom Trays

I was so excited to receive my custom trays in the mail – and even a little bit anxious to see if they would truly fit! I popped them both in my mouth while standing at the mailbox and was blown away by how perfectly snug they were! It was a perfect fit!! I know it seems silly to be so surprised when you created the custom impressions yourself, but it was such a wow factor! I could barely tell they were on my teeth. It was magical.

Step Four: Teeth Whitening

Now, it’s time to start the fun… TEETH WHITENING! Again, I was a little skeptical that I would experience sensitivity as I whitened my teeth. The kit came with a desensitizing gel that is optional to use, but I knew that was something I would need.

The instructions were very detailed in how to fill your trays with whitening gel. They advise keeping the trays in your mouth for 45 minutes to 3 hours (wowza). I started off with 30 minutes to test it out and was shocked at the results I saw just after the first try. I experienced zero sensitivity and saw some of the yellow in my teeth fade away.


Over the next few weeks, I used the kit frequently. My teeth gradually became more and more white. Dare I say it – I actually have those iconic pearly whites that everyone dreams about! I’m in love with the confidence Smile Brilliantly has given me by allowing me to whiten my teeth at home (and I’ve even more in love with the fact I don’t have to sacrifice red wine for shiny teeth). It’s such a great cost effective option, especially compared to the prices that dentists charge! You can wear the teeth trays while you do chores around the house, watch TV, or take a bath. More often than not, I would even forget they were there! The only downside is that you can’t eat or drink when you’re using them so be sure to chug a water beforehand.

Overall, I loved my experience with Smile Brilliantly! It has given me the confidence to show off my pearly whites and smile all day, every day! I can’t wait to continue using this product for years to come! Use my coupon code “wanderlustwithlisa15” to receive 15% off your order!!


Enter to win your very own at home teeth whitening kit! This giveaway is for a $149 Smile Brilliant Credit. Open to anyone in USA, UK, Australia, or Canada! All you need is an email address!


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