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Why I Love Disney World as an Adult

It's no secret that I love Disney World. I've had an annual pass to Walt Disney World in Florida every year since I was 3 years old. People always ask - why do you keep renewing your Annual Pass? Haven't you grown out of Disney? Aren't you tired of Disney?

Disney is not something you "outgrow". It is the Happiest Place on Earth for children, teens, adults, seniors, and everyone in between. Here are some of my favorite things about Disney that I love as an adult (or as some haters would say "a childless millennial").

1. It is the Happiest Place on Earth

The "real world" can be draining and stressful. Disney is the perfect escape. You can leave all the stress of the real world behind as soon as you enter the gates and surround yourself with Disney Magic. The upbeat music, the delicious smells, the laughter and more will have you instantly engulfed in the Happiest Place on Earth.

2. Drinking Around The World

Everyone over the age of 21 gets the added bonus of drinking around the world in Epcot. It's so fun to try a variety of drinks from different countries that you might not have the chance to explore otherwise.

3. Creative Story-Telling Rides

It's fun to go on a roller coaster that has loops, twists, and turns. But there's something extra magical about going on a ride that features a story. Disney rides are themed to perfection - for instance, the Safari in Animal Kingdom will make you feel like you've transported to the Sahara Dessert. You can also see some of your favorite stories come to life (like my personal favorite Pirates of the Caribbean).

4. Five-Star Dining

When some people think of theme parks they think of tasteless food. This isn't the case at Disney. I try some of the most unique things in Disney. Your restaurant options are truly limitless with a ton of variety. Some of my favorite restaurants on Disney Property are Yak & Yeti (Animal Kingdom), Wine Bar George (Disney Springs), and The Edison (Disney Springs).

PS: It also has some of the best junk food, too!

5. Disney Springs Is Like An Adult Playground

Sure, Disney Springs is great for all ages... but it's truly fun as an adult who gets to drink and dine at some of the best restaurants there. Plus, you can shop, go to the movies, see a Cirque show, and so much more. A day at Disney Springs is a day well spent.

6. Broadway-Worthy Performances

Disney World features amazing live performances each and every day that are completely free (with a park ticket). The Lion King (Animal Kingdom) is truly a piece of art and worth the ticket price alone. Hollywood Studios features 3 broadway-worthy performances: Indiana Jones (LOVE), Beauty & The Beast (classic), and Frozen Singalong (so silly). Not only are the shows amazing, but they're more intimate than Broadway meaning you can sit up close and feel like you're part of the magic.

7. You Can Shop Til You Drop

Did someone say MERCH?! Disney has so many different items for sale that feature your favorite characters. They're so cute and trendy, too. I personally love to collect the Disney Ears and my dad loves to collect the Magic Bands. There's something for everyone, even for those hesitant about Disney!

8. Adorable Photo Opps

Okay, this is the instagram-lover in me... but I love taking pictures in Disney World. With your Mickey Ears as your accessory, every photo looks so cute and insta-worthy!

I've written blog posts about my favorite Instagram Locations in each park. Check them out here

9. Re-Live Childhood Memories

Disney is one of my favorite childhood memories. Meeting Mickey Mouse and wearing princess dresses in the parks were truly the best days growing up. It's fun to re-live those moments as an adult and watch other kids around you do the same.

10. It's a Family Tradition

Since I've had an annual pass since I was 3 years old, Disney World has become a tradition for my family. We always go 5-6 times a year and look forward to seeing each other then. It gives us something to bond over.

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