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Women's Packing Guide for a Summer Trip to Europe

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Summer is the most popular season for traveling to Europe. Both locals and tourists alike plan trips to visit various European countries to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine. The average temperature in Europe throughout the summer ranges from 75-90.

Packing for a trip to Europe can be challenging. You don't want to over pack because dragging your luggage around cobblestone streets isn't a fun start to any vacation. On the other hand, you want to be prepared for all situations you may experience when traveling.

Below I've listed all of the essentials for your Summer Trip To Europe. Shop my favorites here on Amazon!


Regardless of where you are traveling to, you should always travel with each of these items. Without them, your trip could drastically suffer.


Pack lightweight clothes that are trendy, comfortable, and cute for your summer vacay to Europe. Be sure to pack at least 1-2 outfits that cover knees and shoulders just in case you go inside Churches & Museums (ie The Vatican) that require modest coverage. Also, be mindful that Europeans don't wear tiny shorts or jean cut offs - pieces like this will make you stick out like a sore thumb!

  • Short Sleeve T-Shirts

  • Shorts & Skirts

  • Jeans - I always pack 1 pair of cute white jeans for any "colder" days

  • Dress(es) - bonus points if you twirl around in the dress for pictures :)

  • Bathing Suit(s)

  • Rain Coat

  • Lightweight Cardigan or Sweater

  • Leggings

  • Workout Clothes: Sports Bra, Tank, and Legging - great for any possible hikes or travel day

  • Socks

  • Undies/Bras

  • PJs


Comfortable shoes are so important - especially in Europe. Cities in Europe tend to require a lot of walking so you'll be on your feet a lot! Pack a variety of shoes to give your feet options!

  • Walking Sneakers

  • Sandals

  • Flip Flops - for pool or beach days

  • Wedges - perfect for dinner or drinks


Don't skip out on the accessories. When you travel, accessories are a great way to spruce up any look, especially if you re-wear some clothes on the trip! Pack a handful of cute and essential accessories!

  • Day Purse - satchel that zips to prevent pick-pocketers

  • Scarf - doubles as shoulder coverage for churches and museums

  • Sunglasses

  • Umbrella

  • Sun Hat - great for a bad hair day or protection from the sun


These miscellaneous items can make or break your trip!!


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