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DIY Travel First Aid Kit

A personalized First Aid kid it essential for any trip you take. Yes, you can buy a pre-made first aid kit at a store, but they might not have the necessities you want. That's why I make my very own Travel First Aid Kit that I can customize and tweak depending on the destination. Read below for some suggestions and ideas for your perfect travel first aid kit.

Over the Counter Medicines

1. Ibuprofen

How could anyone leave home without their trusty ibuprofen by their side!? Ibuprofen is the answer to so many things and the cure for headaches, back pains, cramps, etc.

2. Pepto Bismol

Rapidly ease an upset stomach with Pepto Bismol tablets. When traveling, I opt for the tablets so I know my emergency kit can be a carry on with no liquid.

3. Imodium

Travelers diarrhea is not your friend. It can ruin your entire day and leave you feeling nauseous and bloated. If you're worried that imodium might not be enough, you can always ask your doctor for Ciprofloxacin - prescribed specifically for travelers diarrhea.

4. Benadryl

You may say, "oh, I don't need this, I'm not allergic to anything". Think again. When you travel, you're exposed to so many different things than what is around you in your home city. And, if you're right and you don't truly need this - lucky you! :)

5. Dramamine (Motion Sickness Medicine)

Whether you find yourself on a windy road or a rocky boat, dramamine is here to save the day. Buy the non-drowsy medicine so you can still enjoy your day while feeling better!

Travel Safety Kit Accessories

1. Band-aids

Get a variety pack so you are prepared for anything and everything. Usually I just need bandaids for a pesky blister, but it never hurts to be prepared in case something else happens.

2. Alcohol Pad

It's so important to have an alcohol pad available if you cut or scrap your skin.

3. Small Scissors and/or Tweezers

Looking back, scissors might be the number one thing I use most often from my travel kit. I use it for the most random things but I'm always so thankful I packed it and have it with me.

4. Hand Sanitizer

When travelling, you don't always have the luxury of soap and clean water. Opt for a travel sized hand sanitizer.

5. Sunscreen

Pack a small sunscreen cream for those days when you find yourself on a spontaneous 5 mile hike in the sun. I like this one because it is only 3oz!

6. Bug Repellent

I don't know about you, but bugs seem to follow me around everywhere I go. You won't find me on any vacation without some sort of bug repellent. There are a few different kinds.

  • Bug Repellent Bracelet: I prefer this because it doesn't make you sticky or feel gross. You just put it on your wrist or ankle and you're set! This one is individually packaged which is great for the safety kit.

  • Bug Repellent Towelette: This would be my second choice if the bracelet isn't available.

  • Bug Repellent Spray

7. Cortizone (Anti-Itch Cream)

So your bug spray didn't work... bummer. Use this anti-itch cream to ease the annoyance.

8. Miscellaneous Items

Depending on your destination or your lifestyle, there may be a few other items you need in your DIY Travel Safety Kit. See below for some ideas.

  • Gauze

  • Tissues

  • Nyquil

  • Sleep Aid or Melatonin

  • Tiger Balm

  • Chapstick

  • Safety Pins

  • Rubberbands

  • Rubber Gloves

  • Face Mask

Safety Kit Bag

When picking a bag to place your items in, make sure it is waterproof and seals properly.

  • Option 1: This one is small, zips up, and has the emergency symbol on it.

  • Option 2: This larger option is technically a toiletry bag. I like it because it is fully waterproof, has lots of pockets, and zips up!

I hope this helped you make your very own DIY Travel Safety Kit. If you want to save this post for later, pin it using the image below! :)

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