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Self Guided One Tree Hill Tour (Wilmington, NC)

Updated: Jul 4

Brooke's House

The city is filled with cute boutiques, small town charm, and landmarks from two favorite teen dramas: Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill. Many of the One Tree Hill locations are still in tact and available to drive by for a picture! You'll definitely recognize most of them from the show! In fact, I could spend hours walking along the Riverwalk in Wilmington, NC because it reminds me so much of my favorite TV Show - One Tree Hill! It is a little awkward stalking homes that people live in but for the most part, the families and business owners were used to the fans coming by! We even saw a few groups of fans stopping in front of the houses as well! As a female travel blogger, this was one of my favorite trips because I could reminisce on the fun memories of watching Haley, Nathan, Lucas, and Brooke!

The map below features ALL of the filming locations that are available to the public but I featured my Top 11 below with my personal travel tips.

Check out my One Tree Hill Self Guided Tour below!

1. The Bench at the Riverwalk

This is where Haley and Nathan studied and the iconic bracelet was given. It’s located right next to the Visitors Center and easy to find with all of the signatures and quotes around it.

2. Brooke’s House -

2314 Tattersalls Dr., Wilmington, NC 28403

This is my favorite house from my OTH tour. It looks completely identical to filming and still has the red door. *insert heart eyes here*. We snuck up to the front porch for a quick picture. The house is absolutely stunning in person and in a beautiful neighborhood.

3. Peyton’s House -

1901 Chestnut Street, Wilmington, NC 28405

Anyone else remember the girl fight in front of Peyton’s house? Or scary Derek after Prom … eek. This Red Brick house stands out on the street right away. There is an article of the owner of "Peyton's Place" who describes what is like living there with fans constantly driving by for pictures!

4. Haley’s House -

1811 Chestnut St., Wilmington, NC 28405 (next to Peyton’s House)

This house doesn’t look as recognizable, especially if you haven’t seen the early episodes of the show in a hot minute. However, any Naley fan would recognize it from the scene in Season 1 where they kiss in the rain outside of her house. *Team Naley*

5. Nathan Scott’s House –

1621 Country Club Road

This house was covered by shrubbery and trees. It was hard to make it out from the street. If you stand at the edge of the driveway, you can see a basketball hoop near the car port!

6. Lucas and Karen’s House –

1829 Wrightsville Avenue

There were signs on the door indicating “Private Residence” and “Respect our Privacy” and “No Trespassers. You could easily see the door that led to Lucas’ bedroom from the street so we took pictures from our car and continued on our way.

7. The Bridge –

6th Street Bridge, near Hanover Street

This bridge was a little difficult to find – but once you do, there is a spot to pullover and park. The bridge is covered with OTH quotes and pictures. You can hear the theme song in your head as you walk over the bridge!

8. Tree Hill High School –

610 North Front Street

This college was used as the show’s high school lawn and courtyard. It features the exterior of the gym throughout all high school seasons.

9. Keith’s Body Shop –

19 Covil Avenue

This spot still functions as a real body shop! The employees are very used to people stopping for a quick picture or two!

10. The Dixie Grills –

116 Market Street

You’ll recognize this diner from many of the scenes in the later seasons with Sam (Brooke’s foster child). She ate here a lot, as did Brooke, Jullian, and Brooke’s mom! The food is really good here so if you’re hungry, definitely a great opportunity for lunch!

11. Clay’s Beach House –

650 New River Inlet Rd, North Topsail Beach, NC 28460

(about an hour away from Wilmington)

This beach house is definitely out of the way but so stunning and looks just like it did in the TV Show. There is a public beach access next to it so you’re able to walk along the beach and get great pictures.

Places I skipped: River Court (the basketball court is no longer there), Karen’s Café (the now athletic shop looks nothing like the café)

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