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The Best Vegas Pool Parties

Updated: May 26

Vegas Dayclubs are like night clubs but with sunshine and bathing suits. Summer pool parties are truly the ultimate Las Vegas experience and a right of passage. There is nothing like a Vegas pool party to get your day started out right!

What To Expect:

Before I give you a deep dive of the best pool party, here are some things you need to know before you go!.

  • There are intense lines to get into the pools. Ladies, get on a guestlist (search on instagram for promoters or find one on the street). This will help you get in much quicker and possibly give you completely free entry.

  • Expect TSA-level security. You won't be able to bring much inside. Typically bags aren't permitted unless you pay for a locker.

  • You won't get a chair unless you pay for it or someone invites you to their cabana.

  • The drinks are even more expensive at the Dayclubs than the nightclubs. Splurge for the "souviner cup" ($40-$65) because it has a lid which is very important when people begin to splash like crazy. And before you ask, that's the price for 1 drink - no refills.

  • The pool water is filthy. Expect to see floating cups, limes, and more in the pool. It is what it is.

  • The DJ can make or break the pool party. Check out who is performing where (EDM Calendar) so you know where you want to go.

  • WHAT TO BRING: Picture ID, Credit Card, Phone, Sunglasses, Shoes, Coverup

  • WHAT NOT TO BRING: Cash, towels (they have them at the pool), bags

Now that you know what to expect, let's do a deep dive into the best Vegas Pool Party locations!

1. Wet Republic

MGM Grand

The absolute best pool party is always going to be at Wet Republic. This venue features a lot of mainstream DJs (Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Zedd, etc). There is zero shade and people splash in this pool like crazy during the best songs. The line for this is always very long and the security is the most intense.

I like to get to this pool early so I can scope out the best spot for my few belongings, take some cute pictures, and get a drink before the crazy starts.

2. Encore Beach Club

Wynn Encore

The largest pool club (60,000 sqft) is at the Wynn hotel. It has a very luxurious feel and packs in the crowds. Popular DJs will also perform here (Chainsmokers, Marshmello, etc). They also feature "nightswims" where you do the whole dayclub thing all over again at night!

This pool is the furthest down the strip and sometimes feels out of the way... but it is worth it!

3. Drai's Beach Club

The Cromwell

This rooftop pool is in the center of the strip and offers a great party vibe on the weekend. It's open every day of the week, but I recommend going on the weekend. Jersey Shore DJs like Pauly D frequent this establishment so it's always a fun vibe.

4. Marquee Day Club


This pool can be hit or miss. It is much smaller than the three listed above and can feel crowded quickly. There is more patio space than there is pool space so there is a lot of standing around on the edges. I thought I'd love it more, but it was just okay for me. The DJs here are typically up-and-coming.

One perk is the "V.I.We" which is a shared bottle service program for designated communal areas. Typically, bottle service is only for purchased cabanas or tables so this is a nice perk to "save" money with a group of friends.

5. Tao Beach Club

The Venetian

This pool is currently under renovations (as of 2020) and plans to reopen for summer 2021. This is a good thing because it was a small pool area that left much to be desired. DJs here are names that you wouldn't know unless you love EDM.

Fun Fact: This pool became famous for the "Shots Shots Shots" music video by LMFAO.

6. Liquid


If you're looking for a "calmer and more sophisticated" scene, try Liquid's pool party. It is smaller and more intimate which makes it less of a party pool. Don't get me wrong, there is still a DJ and fun to be had, but just less crazy. When I went they had tons of pool floats which was a fun surprise.

This pool can sometimes be forgotten since it is less popular but that means the deals for cabanas are less expensive! We splurged here and bought a cabana for the day and it was totally worth it.

7. Daylight

Mandalay Bay

Here you'll find a large pool and some big hip-hop celebrities on the roster. This pool is actually the busiest on Sunday's for "Lit Sundays" - it always draws a large crowd.

Right now, Daylight is featuring "Rose All Day" Thursdays which is a great deal for a girls trip or bachelorette party.

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