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Best Instagram Spots in Magic Kingdom!

Updated: 5 days ago

Walt Disney World is filled with picture perfect places and moments! Almost every where you turn there is another camera worthy backdrop waiting for you. Without a doubt, Magic Kingdom features the most iconic picture spots! I love sharing my favorite Travel Tips for Disney World and finding the best photo spots in Magic Kingdom is definitely a huge win!

I've listed my favorites below that are all around the park and filled with Disney Magic!

THE Purple Wall -

This is the wall that started it all. This wall is located near Tomorrowland and was deemed the best spot for perfect lighting. Bloggers and instagrammers all started taking pictures here and it exploded into a fun photo op trend! Disney took notice and has started branding items for the Purple Wall and added some design to it!

Location: Near the Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland.

Cinderella’s Castle

Duh! You can’t go to Magic Kingdom without getting a picture in front of the iconic castle. The trick is to take a unique picture from a different angle. Try either of the side ramps that take you behind the castle (usually less trafficked area).

Location: Right next to the Wishing Well (right side of the castle on the ramp)

Candy Shop

Score some candy and a sweet photo all at once.

Location: On Main Street USA near park entrance, on the right

Grass Hub -

Perfectly manicured grass: check! Blue skies: check (usually)! Castle in the distance: check! Not only is the grass hub a great place to sit and relax after running through the park, it's a great picture spot!

Location: In between Main Street USA & the castle

Carrousel -

It wouldn't be a Disney Photoshoot without showing at least one ride!! The "Prince Charming Regal Carrousel" is iconic and features many colorful horses to choose from.

Location: Directly behind the Castle

Wishing Well

You can get a picture in front of the cutest wishing well AND capture the castle in the background.

Location: Right ramp next to the castle.

Tangled Restrooms

The most iconic restrooms in the world (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating). Disney went all out to theme the tangled restrooms in such a picturesque way! Come back to this area around dusk to take pictures of the lanterns.

Location: In between It's A Small World and Haunted Mansion (across from Harbour House)

Main Street Balloons -

Holding the balloons on Main Street has become a quick insta phenomenon! You can ask cast members to hold the end of the balloons for a picture! I opted to stand in front of the balloons instead of holding them!

Location: Main Street USA

Walt and Minnie Statue -

Snap a picture while hanging Hang out with your favorite gang. Minnie and Walt are always smiling and ready for their close up! PS: I spy a Disney castle in the background. :)

Location: Town Square on Main Street upon entering the park

Tom Sawyer Island

This is such a fun island to explore and is usually less trafficked than the rest of the park!

Castle Gates

Magic Kingdom Railroad Train

The Magic Teacups

This is an iconic ride in Disney World that was one of Walt's original visions. It's fun to take a picture here as a live-action shot of you on a ride!

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Thanks for following along! Feel free to send me any other ideas for best Instagramable spots in Magic Kingdom! (wanderlustwithlisa@gmail.com) or save this post for later on Pinterest by using the image below.

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