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Guide to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (Magic Kingdom)

Updated: May 13

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (#MNSSHP) is an exclusive event from August-October in celebration of Halloween! This event requires an additional ticket purchase (your Disney pass won't get you in) and completely transforms Magic Kingdom into a Halloween town galore! From 7PM to Midnight, trick-or-treat in the happiest place on earth alongside all of your favorite Disney characters and villains!  

Read below for more info on the event and my favorite parts!


Tickets range in price from about $75-$110 per person. The earlier in the season you go, the cheaper the ticket. Your ticket includes entry to Magic Kingdom beginning at 4PM (but the event doesn't officially kick off until 7PM). Your ticket includes free candy, exclusive shows & parades, character meet & greets, and a fun firework spectacular!


Dress up as your favorite Disney Character! This is definitely not mandatory but it's such a fun way to celebrate the holiday and get into festive spirits. Most guests will dress up or wear Halloween Themed Shirts! This year, we were Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger!

Special Events:

Hocus Pocus Villian Spectacular - Musical (8:30PM, 10:45PM, and 12AM) -

This magical show in front of Cinderella's Castle is my FAVORITE part about the MNSSHP! Your favorite 3 Sanderson Sisters return to create a Party Potion for Magic Kingdom. They bring out Disney Villians like Malleficient, Dr. Facilier, Oogie Boogie and more! This show happens 3 times throughout the evening - I definitely recommend going to the last one at midnight! Less guests are in the park then so you can get very close to the stage.

Boo To You - Parade (9:15PM and 11:15PM) - Disney is known for some of the best parades in the world and this one did not disappoint! It is featured twice throughout the night and features some really spectacular dances - watch the Haunted Mansion come to life with grave diggers and the ballroom dancers! Again, I would go to the later showing as it is far less crowded (especially in Frontierland). Don't miss the beginning of the parade with the Headless Horseman!

Happy HalloWishes - Firework Show (10:15PM) -  Would it really be a night at Magic Kingdom without a firework show? I think not. The sky was lit up with Hallowishes and colorful displays of villainous surprises! The soundtrack is really incredibly and the lights on the castle are no different. However, I actually skipped watching this show from Main Street and watched the fireworks from Frontierland. It's certainly not the same effect as standing in front of the castle, but still awe-worthy!

Character Meet & Greets (7PM-12AM):

This is one of the biggest draws to MNSSHP. You get the chance to see rare characters and some of your favorites' in their Halloween costumes! The lines for the Characters can get long quickly so definitely plan time for this before arriving. The most popular characters are all Seven Dwarfs together and Jack & Sally. See their locations below!

Themed Rides (7PM-12AM): Three rides are "transformed" during MNSSHP... Space Mountain turns out ALL of the lights for a truly unique experience. Pirates of the Carribean has a few live actors and fun touches to the ride. Mad Hatter Tea Cups is taken over by fun colors and loud music.

Candy & Themed Treats (7PM-12AM): There are dozens of candy stops throughout the park for you to load up on trick-or-treating candy! Some of the lines go through rides that are closed down (Philarmagic, Jungle Cruise, etc). All of the candy is completely free. Disney gives you a bag to trick-or-treat with but I recommend bringing your own (larger) bag. There are also really fun themed treats available for purchase at some of the restaurants ... we didn't try any but boy they looked wonderful!

My (Suggested) Timeline of the Night

  1. Get to the Park at 4PM - grab your candy bag and take pictures with the Halloween Backdrops. The park begins to thin out as regular guests leave for the night. You can start riding some of the rides with shorter lines and less waits!

  2. Around 6:30-6:45PM, get in line for your favorite, must see character. They usually start early before the party technically begins so it's worth getting in line early!  The most popular are Jack & Sally, Seven Dwarfs, Minnie, and more. Most of characters are in Fantasyland.

  3. For the next hour or so, walk around and collect candy throughout Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. Ride your favorite rides and be sure to check out Space Mountain and Tea Cups (enhanced during the party).

  4. At 10PM, head over to the hub or Main Street to get a great view of the castle for Happy HalloWishes Fireworks. Afterwards, the guests with kids will really begin to leave and the park will feel less crowded!

  5. After the fireworks, walk against the crowd and go towards Adventureland & Frontierland. Meet more of your favorite Characters like Tarzan & Jane. Ride Pirates of the Caribbean.

  6. At 11PM, head to the parade route in Frontierland - get a spot right on the tape for a great show! Make sure you're there early so you can see the headless horseman.

  7. After the parade, make your last few candy stops and walk back towards the Castle. Get a good spot for Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular at 12AM.

  8. On your way out, stop in the shops of Main Street to see the MNSSHP Merchandise.

In all, I DEFINITELY think the party is worth the money and the experience! It's so unique, fun, and festive! It's a real treat to see rare characters, new shows, and experience fun spins on the rides. I would recommend this party to any & all!

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