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Guide to Colorado's Garden of The Gods

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If you're visiting Denver, Colorado and want to get out of the city for the day, Garden of the Gods is the best option! This free park is available to anyone and is only a short drive away from Denver. Check out the reasons below for why you should visit, how to get there, and Top 8 Attractions within Garden of The Gods!

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Why Should You Visit Garden of the Gods?

  1. It's completely free.

  2. The views are stunning!

  3. The park is open late so you can watch the sunset!

  4. It's only a short drive from Denver and a short distance from Pike's Peak!

  5. There are plenty of outdoor hikes!

  6. The park is open year round!

  7. Your four legged friend can visit!

How To Get to Garden of The Gods

Garden of the Gods is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is about one hour away from the center of Denver, Colorado which makes it a great day trip (or afternoon trip)!

Hop on Highway 1-25 South (if coming from Denver). After an hour, take Exit 146 (Garden of The Gods Road). Then go west for 2.5 miles towards the mountains. Next, turn left onto 30th street and drive for a mile.

What's crazy to me is how you get off the highway and feel like it's just another random town with nothing too special or unique to offer. The Garden of The Gods is hidden from view so it definitely made me doubt if I was in the right spot! Then out of no where, you'll turn and see the beautiful mountain range.

Things To Do In Garden of The Gods

Before you drive into the entrance, stop across the street at the Garden of the Gods Nature & Visitor Center. Here you can pick up a park map and learn some history behind the park! Plus, it's a great place to use the restroom and stretch your legs. You can also download the map here:

Garden of the Gods Mappdf

I'd recommend spending 3-6 hours in Gardens of the Gods, depending on what you want to see and do!

1. Perkins Center Garden Trail (1.5 miles) -

This trail is fully paved and perfect for all ages. It's the perfect chance to get out of the car and see the red rock formations up close and personal. It's a super popular trail so expect to see lots of other tourists.

2. Free Guided Nature Walk-

Every day, the park offers 2 free guided nature tours of the park. The tours are at 10AM and 2PM each day. They're generally 30 minutes long and give you history on the plans, animals, and rock formations around you.

3. Take A Guided Tour on Wheels -

There are various tours offered at the Garden of the Gods that range in price point. Some options include a trolley tour ($17), Jeep Tour ($40-$70) or a segway tour ($92).

4. Have a Picnic -

Pack a picnic and pick a spot within the park to relax for lunch or dinner. The park is open into the evenings so its a great place to watch the sunset during a dinner picnic!

5. Hike the 21 Miles worth of Trails -

There are over 21 miles worth of trailheads here in Garden of The Gods. They're broken up into 1-3 mile hikes that range from easy to moderate.

  • Ridge Trail (0.5 miles) - truly within the rocks

  • Siamese Twins Trail (1 mile) - unique view of Pikes Peak

  • Chambers/Bretag/Palmer Trail (3 miles) - the path circles almost the entire park

6. See Balanced Rock -

Balanced Rock is a fun rock formation directly next to the road that won't require any hiking. Stop here for a photo op with the balancing rock that looks like it could tumble over any day! This is the very last thing in the park before you exit.

7. Try Rock Climbing -

Garden of the Gods offers a unique opportunity to Rock Climb the gorgeous mountains. I suggest booking this in advance (although they do allow walk ins based on availability). The rock climbing is family friendly and perfect for beginners. In the 90 minute session, you'll repel, climb, and swing from the mountains!

8. Take Part in the Weekly 5K

Every Thursday, Gardens of the Gods features a free 5K for anyone interested in joining. Meet at the visitor center between 4PM-6PM to sign up and begin! At the end, you can purchase a $10 tshirt souviner for the 5K.

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