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Guide to "Tiny Doors ATL"

Updated: Jun 27

One of my favorite hidden gems of Atlanta, Georgia is the Tiny Doors ATL. The 6 inch doors are fun and unique and often times represent Georgia in some way! The mini murals can feel like finding a needle in a haystack so I've created a cheat sheet guide to help you look for them. It's the perfect "free" activity to do and get you out and about in Atlanta. Think of it as a scavenger hunt for mini murals! :)

View this MAP for all of the Tiny Door Locations.

Door 1 - Kroger Street Door

727 Wylie Street SE, Atlanta Georgia

This door is located on the outside wall of the Krog Street Tunnel. It was the first Tiny Door ever created and changes periodically and feature local artists.

Door 2 - Old Fourth Ward Skatepark on the BeltLine

337 Elizabeth Street NE, Atlanta Georgia

This address allows you to see door 2 and door 9 at the same time! Door 2 is technically on the Eastside Beltline Trail near the O4W skatepark - which is about a 1-2 minute walk from the address listed above.

This door is one of my favorites because it's so colorful and happy!

Door 3 - Inman Park Pet Works

914 Austin Ave NW, Atlanta Georgia

This door mimics the pet store and has a cute mini pup walking in the door! The bulletin board next to the door often changes.

Door 4 - Little Shop of Stories

133 E Court Square # A, Decatur, Georgia

This location features two Tiny Doors ATL installations - one is inside the store on a white column and the other is a tiny library!

Door 7 - 7 Stages Theatre

1105 Euclid Ave NW, Atlanta Georgia

This little door in 5 Points has a marquee that is interchangeable to match the shows going on at the 7 Stages Theatre! How fun is that?!

Door 8 - Milltown Arms Tavern

180 Carroll Street SE, Atlanta Georgia

This door may look simple from a picture but it holds so much meaning. The tiny bricks around the door have names of people who have donated to #tinydoorsatl over the years and it even features a marriage proposal!

Door 9 - King of Pops

337 Elizabeth Street NE, Atlanta Georgia

Remember what i said for Door #2? You can see this door and Door #2 at the same stop (only about 150 ft apart). This door is featured at the King of Pops window shop near the Beltline. It's the perfect place to stop, rest, and enjoy a quick Popsicle on your scavenger hunt, especially if its hot out!

Door 10 (East) - Grant Park Tree Door

830 Boulevard SE, Atlanta, Georgia

This door is located in the park (so a few steps away from the address). It is the only door that currently opens! It has a similar shape to that of the state of Georgia.

Door 10 (West) - Grant Park

600 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta Georgia (Grant Park)

This cute little door is also featured in Grant Park.

Fun Fact: if you visit this door between April-December on a Sunday (between 9AM and 1PM), you'll get to experience the Farmers Market nearby!

Door 11 - Center for Puppetry Arts

1404 Spring St NW, Atlanta, Georgia

I love this colorful mini door with the mini ramp that imitates the life-size building nearby. The ramp wasn't part of the initial design until they realized that the building is made with a special stucco that the tiny door couldn't adhere to. I think the mini ramp completes this installation perfectly.

Door 12 - Westside Trail

1444 Lucile Ave SW, Atlanta, Georgia (about a block away)

This door has an amazing tunnel that is painted to coincide with the colors of the tiny door! Though its further out than the rest of the doors, its definitely worth a stop!

Door 13 - Permanent Pop Up

1016 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta, Georgia (across the street)

The door is at the start of the Beltline.

Door 14 - EAV Farmers Market

572 Stokeswood Ave SE, Atlanta, Georgia


Door 15 - Fox Theatre

660 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, Georgia

This is by far my favorite #TinyDoorsATL. I absolutely love the attention to detail in this tiny door that makes the Fox Theatre come to life. The Fox Theatre is such an iconic landmark in Georgia, it is only fitting to be featured with a Tiny Door Installation. This one is located on the Box Office front and center.

Door 16 - State Farm Arena

1 State Farm Dr, Atlanta, Georgia

Come by and see the impressive State Farm Arena. Look closely between the T and the L in the ATL architecture to find this Tiny Door.

Door 17 - Woodruff Park

113 Peachtree St, Atlanta, Georgia

This door is located at the International Peace Fountain in Woodruff Park.

Door 18 - Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

1280 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, Georgia


Door 658 - Giant Door

670 DeKalb Ave NE SE, Atlanta, GA

Walk up to this door and you'll instantly feel like you've transported into a doll house. This door is exactly 658x larger than the normal Tiny Doors featured above.

Note: This LARGE door is tucked behind the oversized Gold Bull.

Phew! Talk about a world wind scavenger hunt all around Atlanta. How many did you find in one day? Tag me on insta when you find a door (@wanderlustwithlisa).

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